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WordsUp Communication - About Kelly Malone

My Experience

After completing two graduate degrees—one in creative writing and one in literature—I’ve spent more than 20 years working as a professional writer and editor, focusing on projects including business articles, web sites, marketing copy, training manuals, tutorials, self-help books, and fiction.

I have taught classes at the University of Washington about editing, helped major corporations and entrepreneurs launch marketing campaigns, and won numerous awards for writing copy and fiction. I spent eight of the 20 years working for Microsoft, both creating compelling content and training others to do so.

My Philosophy

Writing, like speaking, involves two parties. You write it. Someone reads it. Unlike dialog, however, where you can answer questions and explain yourself, writing gives you only one chance to say what you mean. If your readers put down your book, you don’t know it. So even though what you want to say is clear in your mind, readers might not get what you’re trying to communicate.

This is where an editor can help. Only you know exactly how you can benefit others. Only you can decide the response you want to evoke. But I can act as the conduit between you and the audience you want to reach. I can help you pull your words from the ethers onto the page, and then distill them to their essence. And I can help you write in the style and tone that best suits your unique audience.

My Approach

I can and will help you access what it is you want to say. I will help you say it succinctly, so that others will listen, understand, and respond. And because I, too, have struggled with creating powerful pieces, I’ll do it with easy-to-follow tools, patience, and understanding.

But in the end, it’s about you—your message, and your voice. I’ll help you find it, and I’ll honor it.